Topless Waiters

True to its name, Helpful Hunks is the provider of reliable topless waiters for your events and celebrations. We have a roster of fine-looking, full-bodied men whose skills are impeccable and always topnotch. Choose from these charming men and they are yours! They are here to provide personalized service just the way you like it. 

Whether it be a birthday party, a hens night, or just a simple get-together with friends, step further by having a more exciting way of service – our topless waiters. More than what you expect, they will surely bring more thrill and delight to your group. A fantastic celebration awaits you in the presence of these guys whose undeniable charm and unmatched talent are a sight to behold.


Who Are The Helpful Hunks?

A complete package in one man – looks, personality, and skills – they are the Helpful Hunks. These adorable and charming hunks will give you outstanding service more than what you expect. They have the personality and skills that will impress and delight. Your private events will be complete with these men assisting you and giving an added glow to your night.


Why Would You Hire Our Helpful Hunks?

A memorable and fun-filled party is well-planned. Part of your preparation is making sure that your guests are welcomed and treated well throughout the event. That is why you need assistance in that area, and the best solution for that is to hire waiters. Not just the ordinary ‘serve-food-and-drink’ type, but someone more exciting and out of the ordinary. Book topless waiters – those handsome hunks with multi-tasking abilities that will guarantee a successful celebration. 

Here are some reasons why hiring half-naked dudes are a must for your get parties:

Topless waiters love to entertain.

They have this innate talent to keep the party alive with their charm and wit. You can find them being at ease and enjoying their chat with guests. Expect them to go around making everyone feel at ease. More than their love to entertain is the passion in what they do – they love what they do.

You’ll feel nothing but excitement with their presence.

Who would not feel thrilled at the sight of handsome men with perfectly sculptured abs? They love showing off what they are made of!

They are skilled workers.

More than their handsome faces and finely-formed abs, these hunks know what they do, and they are good at it. Being a waiter is not a so-so job; it requires competence and expertise. That is why these men are keen on improving their skills to make sure that you experience quality service.

They love to take selfies with you.

Most often, these men are called to take part in picture-taking sessions. Girls just love looking at those gorgeous faces and bodies! Invite your topless waiters over and capture their candid smiles and confidence in photos.

They have a lot more to give.

Aside from their skills in serving you, our friendly guys can do more than that. How about taking a sample of their bartending skills, or taking part in party games hosted by them? They have a lot to show, and you would be amazed at what they can do.

Make your party a night to remember – hire topless waiters to assist you! Set yourself to party mode, assign tasks to these helpful hunks, and celebrate the way you want to.


Our Topless Waiter’s Role

From the time you have booked him, our topless waiter has begun his role with you. He will go through the preliminaries of familiarizing himself with the tasks for the party. No worries, he knows what he is supposed to do, and expect our responsible guy to do them. 

Count on our man to arrive at the party place at the time you expect him to come.

Give him a space to fix himself up and a secure place to leave his belongings behind. As your waiter, he prepares himself to look fresh and clean, ready to face and mingle with your guests.

With his usual attire of a bowtie and jeans, our topless waiter is attractive.

But if you have something in mind, such as making him wear something in sync with the party theme, let him know beforehand. Whatever you want him to wear for your party will look great on him. Whether you provide him with a costume or just let him wear his usual get-up, his charm will make him a standout in the group.

He is prepared for the tasks you give him, and for additional ones, too.

Don’t waver; your reliable assistant is ever-ready to be your helper. Let him welcome your VIP guests, give extra attention to some attendees, assist in preparing for a performance, or just about anything that you have in mind. Want to have some cocktail mixes served? Trust our sexy waiter to be your bartender as well. He will mix and serve your favorite fizz as well. 

Instruct our waiter on whatever task he will be assigned.

Expect him to be professional at all times and will have his tasks finished in no time. Let your hair down and party all night long without the worries.

Get our party server involved by briefing him on what needs to be done and how it should be done. Good communication results in great results, and our guy is more than willing to cooperate with you.


Make Your Party Alive With Our Helpful Hunks

Let’s admit it, planning a hens night or any other event gives makes you anxious and stressed at the same time, right? But you need not feel these negative vibes anymore if you leave the work to us, the Helpful Hunks.

How can we help you? Our guys are trained to do waiter tasks from the most basic to the most advanced ones, they are ready!  How would you like him to be with you from start to finish, from the setting up of party decors to cleaning up the after-party mess? You will be surprised at what our topless waiter does best.

He will add life to your party by his undeniable charm that attracts guests toward him. Marvel on how he keeps the conversation alive as if he is besties with your friends, too. While serving drinks and nibbles, he looks good in that half-naked outfit women can’t help but ask for a selfie with him. Our man would surely oblige, he loves to be with people!

After ending the party on a very high note, the tedious task of clearing up the mess is next. Hey, our man is still here if you insist. Your party place will be spic and span in no time, with all traces of chaos gone. Trust our helpful hunk to ease your burden of tidying up the party venue.

Play Party Games With Our Topless Waiter

Have you prepared some party games to add some fun? Let our man take the hosting job so you can participate in Prosecco Pong, That’s Not Me, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, and others. He can also prepare the materials and props of your preferred games if you request him to do so. On the lighter side, he will show his competitive side by playing with you! But given the fact that he is a generous guy, he will let you win without further ado. 

If you want your celebration to be something more exciting and out of the ordinary, we certainly can help you with that. Lighten up your load with the assistance of our topless waiter, ready at your beck and call.


Celebrate With Our Topless Waiters 

With our topless waiters, it will be an event you will never forget for a long time! Savor each delightful moment knowing that your celebration is in the good hands of your able and skillful helpers. 

Booking for a topless waiter is not a complicated thing. You can just get in touch with us and we will guide you along the way. After you have finished the process, it is time for our friendly guy to get acquainted with you. He will make sure to get in touch with you before the party, to know whatever you have in mind for the party and to for him to prepare. 

Take note that a waiter can satisfactorily serve a maximum of 15 guests. You wouldn’t want any of your guests to feel neglected, so you should hire an additional guy for every 15 attendees. 

For a minimum of two hours, hire a helpful hunk at $100 an hour. You may request an extension of time for an additional $70 per hour. It would be wise to book for an extended time so that you may not worry about any interruptions.

You may have requests or other things in mind that you would like to discuss, we are more than happy if you could get in touch with us. We are Helpful Hunks are just a call or message away.

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    The core duties of a Topless Waiter

    • Mixes cocktails, serves food and drinks
    • Are there at your beckon call
    • Takes plenty of fun photos
    • Gives around the clock compliments
    • Acts as your bodyguard
    • Helps clean up your dirty mess

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