Topless Barmen

These are no ordinary waiters, our topless barmen in Melbourne are here to do more than just serve drinks. They are ready to fulfil your wildest dreams all night long. Our Helpful Hunks provide a little more mystery, dressed in stylish black pants, remaining tastefully bare chested.

Our topless barmen are chosen because they stand out. We don’t like boring gym junkies with no personality anymore than you do. Our men are fit and sexy, but also approachable and friendly. They know how to have fun, and how to help you have an amazing time.


Party All Night With Our Topless Barmen

Our topless barmen can cater to any occasion you need them for, in the past we have helped satisfy the attendees of hens parties, birthdays, private parties and corporate events. We can help if you can think of something else. Our raving reviews prove it, every night we attend we leave behind satisfied customers.

We can be tame, we promise. We can help if you don’t want anything wild. Our topless barmen know how to be disciplined and classy if that’s the night you’re looking for. However, if you want a crazy night with sexy games and a wild time, we can definitely assist with that! Our topless bartenders have the skills to a great night no matter what you are after.


We Are Melbourne’s Helpful Hunks

Melbourne’s Helpful Hunks will give you the assistance needed for your events, whether hens nights, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate celebrations, or private parties. Our men will be a great addition to spice up any occasion. Why? These good-looking men have charms and sunny dispositions that are an instant attraction. Beneath those sinewy muscles are their friendly and cordial personalities. To top it all, they are always willing to do their task.  You need not worry if you hire these sexy men. 

When we say topless barmen and bartenders, we mean attractive guys who do not just serve drinks, they mix them first, too! They are not your so-so servers at all, they can do more. 


Need Help With Your Party? 

How would you like to host a party that is sure to be a big hit to your guests? Our friendly and charming men can help you achieve a successful celebration. They can turn your rather simple party into a festive revelry just by their presence. What more excitement can you get if these men get to flex their muscles for the tasks they are assigned to? 

Let’s check what these barmen and bartenders do aside from their usual chores of taking care of your food and drinks. Here goes: 

  • Assist in setting up party decors
  • Greet and welcome guests
  • Prepare and serve cocktails
  • Clear up the party venue

For your private party, our friendly guy is on stand-by for what you want him to do, and can easily adjust to your whims and desires. Do you want him to be prim and proper? Or do you want to unleash his wild side? He will make way to fulfill your wishes!


Our Topless Man is Ready For You

Get him involved by briefing him with his tasks. Likewise, he will make time to familiarize himself with you and the upcoming event.

  • Our charming hunk will arrive at the event place. If you have a small private space, let him take some time to fix himself up, and look presentable. Your guests would love a good-looking and neat guy to prepare and serve their fizz.
  • The regular get-up of our men is topless with jeans on. You might want him to dress up for the party theme, or something that would be more appropriate for the occasion.
  • Our helpful hunk is ready for new tasks. Let him interact with guests, prepare the stage for performances, escort VIPs, or do anything you wish for him to do. He’s got no problem with that!
  • Trust our man to know what he is supposed to do as long as you have instructed him with his tasks..


Why Would You Hire Our Topless Barmen and Bartenders? 

There are many reasons why these men are a must for your celebrations. Foremost, these men are a feast to the eyes – they love to display their awesome physiques much to the delight of their audience. More than that, here are the reasons why they are an essential part of your occasions:

To entertain.

It is a night full of attention grabbers as these men parade their athletic bodies to the delight of party guests. Watch and check out their bartending skills.

To excite.

Feel your happy hormones rush at the sight of these men whose presence is felt as soon as they arrive at the scene. Ladies would especially swoon over these deliciously looking barmen and bartenders.

To do more.

Not just your ordinary serve-food-and-drink guys, they have more tricks up their sleeves. You cannot do things alone; trust our helpful hunks to take care of the rest for you. No need to multi-task, leave the rest to us.

To grace your photos.

Our men are the submissive type – have your photos taken with them with no questions asked. Take advantage of this opportunity to catch their attractive smiles on cam.

To serve with passion.

These men have trainings for impeccable and outstanding service. From the simplest to the most challenging task you assign to them, they never fail to deliver. 


We Mix and Serve Your Favorite Cocktails

Our barmen and bartenders are multi-taskers who perform their jobs superbly. They are literally an all-purpose party helper. They are a standout because of their talent to come up with delicious cocktails.

Our exceptional guys have evident bartending skills. They undergo trainings to mix and match ingredients to satisfy their guests’ tastes and preferences. Order what you want, and they’ll prepare it in no time. Engage in a lively conversation while waiting for your drink, they are that friendly, charming, and accommodating.


Bartender’s Delight

Since these sleek barmen and bartenders are ready to show off their impeccable skills in cocktail mixing and serving, you will want to have a taste of what they have to offer. Get into the details of fifteen of the most popular cocktail mixes perfect for your night out. 

1. Margarita

Party lovers just love this very popular cocktail mix made of lime juice, tequila, lime slice, and salt. Do not stir the mix; shake it for the perfect taste to come out. 

2. Old-Fashioned

The taste of old-fashioned is every drinker’s first love; after all, it was the first drink that started the cocktail mixing fad. Usually regarded as the traditional recipe, Old-Fashioned is a mixture of whiskey, water, sugar, and cherry. 

3. Cosmopolitan

A drink with a reddish shade, cosmopolitan is an attractive cocktail any girl would love to sip. It is made up of common ingredients found in almost every household – cranberry juice, vodka, and lime. 

4. Martini

This popular mix is a hit among cocktail lovers because it is one of the easiest to prepare. Savour its taste which is derived from gin, vermouth, and lemon twist or speared olive. 

5. Moscow Mule

The chilled copper mugs are the signature containers of this delightful drink. A cocktail made of ginger beer, lime juice, vodka, and lime slice, Moscow Mule will live up to your discriminating taste. 

6. Mimosa

This 1925 Paris-invented cocktail was named after a beautiful flowering plant. Mimosa’s refreshing and delicious flavour comes from champagne, orange juice, and slices. 

7. Bloody Mary

The bloodlike colour of this drink comes from tomato juice and is mixed with vodka, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon. The English Queen Mary was the basis for the name of this simple cocktail. While various recipes are being used by bartenders for this kind of drink, the result is still an outstanding mix of flavours. 

8. Caprioska

From the South American country of Brazil, Caprioska’s signature minty taste is very evident in this simple mix of vodka, lime, and sugar. Mint leaves are what make the difference. 

9. Sangria

Red or white sangria – the colour of this mix is dependent on the wine used. Mix the wine with fruit juice to make a delicious cocktail.

10. Daquiris

This is one of the oldest cocktails – invented in Cuba in the 1900s. Combine your favourite fruit in this timeless concoction of rhum, lime, and sugar. This favourite beverage has a classic taste that nothing can beat.  

11. White Russian

This coffee-infused cocktail gives you the caffeine kick to keep you going through the party. You will be thankful for that US ambassador whose visit to Brussels inspired the creation of this creamy delight, which is a mixture of vodka, cream, and coffee.

12. Mojito

The secret in making an excellent mix of mojito is quite a challenge for bartenders, although preparing it is not that tasking. In the past, it was used as a medicinal concoction, but nowadays, clubbers enjoy mojito because of its minty flavour that goes with rhum, sugar, lime juice, soda, and mint leaves. 

13. Gimlet

Here’s a drink originally prepared for British seamen to battle vitamin deficiency while onboard their ship. Its ingredients are very basic and easy to mix – gin, lime juice, and wheel. 

14. Gin Fizz

Bartenders agree that this is a very popular cocktail and a favourite among bar guests. The cocktail is a combination of gin, lemon juice, and slices, soda, and syrup.

15. Boulevardier

American writer Erskine Gwynne was inspired to create a fruity cocktail that soon became a classic favourite. The original mix in the 1920s was Campari, bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, and orange twist. 


Book Our Topless Barmen and Bartenders

Your plan to hire our topless barmen and bartenders should have made your lady friends shriek with delight, and why not, they are anticipating an extraordinary evening and can’t wait for the event date to arrive.                                                                 

You have to finalize the number of guests to know how many of our servers are needed. Give us a call or message us to reserve who you want to grace your occasion, and we will check his availability for the said date. Chances are, the earlier you book, the greater your chance to hire the man of your dreams. If you want to get the best, do not delay your booking!

You are welcome to contact us to know more exciting details.

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