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Get That Amazing Male Strip Clubs Experience

Prepare yourself for the excitement of the weekend in one of Australia’s best male strip clubs. Explore a different kind of adult entertainment that is sure to give you positive vibes long after the show is over. 

Helpful Hunks has the kind of guys you want for your weekend night out. Whether you celebrate a hens night, a birthday party, or just about any other event that you feel like having fun, we are here to help you out. There is nothing more exciting than being in the presence of gorgeous and sexy men who aim to please you.

Set a date with your friends and have that fantastic weekend night you all rave for! Get in touch with Helpful Hunks now and get ready to witness a hot night with our sultry men.

We Live Up To Your Male Strip Club Expectations

As you prepare to visit male strip clubs for the first time, we know that you already formed your idea of what they look like. Chances are: reality will far exceed your imagination. Let’s see if we live up to your expectations by checking these out: 

See handsome guys with attractive personalities and incredible skills.

Be mesmerized with these hot male strippers whose performances are breathtaking and heart-stopping. They have the skills to entertain and the talent to sweep you off your feet, literally! 

Our friendly topless waiters are the perfect combination of good looks and confidence, coupled with their will to serve and please you. Be pampered with these men who are attentive to your every need. Your night at the male strip clubs will be fun-filled with these charming attendants. 

Witness the amazing stage for great shows. 

A great setting for fantastic shows, our stage features incredible high-tech lights and an audio setup. Our one-of-a-kind venue for entertainment will give you world-class shows that you have never seen before. 

See the club as a place for more than just strip shows. 

More than the outstanding performances of our exotic dancers, our strip club is also the place where friends – old and new – meet. Have a great time with your friends and create new memories together. Enjoy your stay while basking in the presence of sexy hunks serving you cocktails and making you feel at home.

Experience real customer satisfaction. 

We value your presence, that is why we make it a point to make you feel at ease in our strip club. For your every need  we have the answer, and we’ll guarantee that your visit will be all worth it. 

We welcome you all.

No exceptions whatsoever – anybody is welcome to enjoy and have a grand time in our strip club. 


Why Would You Go To Our Strip Club? 

It sure is a new experience for someone who is going to our strip club for the first time in her life! From what you have created in your mind of what a strip club looks like, you will now get to see it live. But why would you want to go to our strip club? Maybe you want to feed your curiosity after hearing those thrilling stories of gorgeous guys with awesome bodies. Now is the time for you to check out what is in store for you! 

For the more adventurous ladies who have been to our male strip club, it is not unusual for them to come back and enjoy their weekend nights here. They have found a great place to unwind and bond with their friends. What’s more, our strip club is home to the best male dancers and excellent topless waiters, all fired up to give you a good time with their exceptional performances and unmatched service. Discard all your stresses away and recharge your senses – visit our strip club!


The Male Strip Clubs Etiquette

Visiting a male strip club is an experience you would not want to miss in this lifetime. Prepare yourself with the following bits of info for a fuss-free evening:

1. Make sure that you know what you are going to get.  

Before you go to the show, it is always wise to check your tickets and inclusions – your seating arrangement, drinks and nibbles, and other perks you should enjoy. Don’t miss any of them for a thoroughly satisfying evening at our strip club.

2. Know the dress code of male strip clubs.

Being dressed appropriately is important to make sure you enjoy your night out. Wear something classy, not over or under-dressed, just comfortable enough to have a great night with us. Don’t forget to check this out or you might not enter our strip club!

3. Be on time for the show.

It is nice to come a little early for you to enjoy your glass of wine and nibbles and to get the feel of the strip club. You will be able to prepare yourself for the intense shows and lots of eye-catching men roaming around the place.

4. Be respectful.

You are expected to give courtesy not just to our performers and waiters, but to everyone in the male strip club as well. Be kind to everyone just as you want them to be kind to you. After all, we all deserve to be treated well.

5. Limit your alcohol intake.

While drinking booze is allowed, make it a point that you do not overdrink, or else you might do something embarrassing. You might not know what you are doing, so do not be caught in a compromising situation just because you are drunk!

6. Our helpful hunks are camera-ready.

They are more than willing to have their photos taken with you. You are not, however, allowed to take snapshots of the live strip shows. Be an obedient gal and do not be tempted to take photos of these talented hunks, please! We have an in-house photographer to take care of that. Just wait for the official photos to be posted on the Helpful Hunks website.

7. Hands off if you must.

Ask first if it is okay to touch our performers and servers. Control your heated emotions and don’t do anything reckless unless you are permitted to do so.

8. Know what the limits are.

Strippers and waiters are private people, and they greatly appreciate it if you do not pry too much on their lives. While they are friendly and nice, don’t go out of your way to ask for their address or phone numbers! Remember that their job is to entertain you, and that is that. It is expected that you will be swept away by their performances, but keep in mind that it is just a show, nothing more.

9. For a stress-free evening, follow the rules of the male strip club.

Some male strip clubs have strict policies for their guests. They are not imposed to make things hard for you, just keep in mind that these are house rules for a safe, orderly, and enjoyable experience with us.

10. Be generous.

You have seen these men working their best to entertain and delight you. It will not hurt to show your appreciation by giving them some tips to boost their confidence and motivate them to do better! It is a great feeling for them to know that you recognize their skills and service.

11. Have the time of your life!

Let loose and just be who you are, with no pretensions and inhibitions. Never mind your problems for a while, leave them be. Party, laugh, and enjoy all you can!


The After-Party Feels

As soon as the electrifying performances come to an end, your energy level is still on high and you are still fully charged to last another party. We know what you want, and we are ready for that. Watch our male strip club being magically transformed into a grand dance floor for the after-party. Here you can continue your merrymaking with your besties. Show your smooth moves while sipping your favorite cocktails. Mingle with our half-naked waiters like they are your best pals, too. And just like that, your evening is just too awesome to end!


Book Now

Celebrate hens nights, birthdays, and other events, or simply just have a night of catching up with old friends in our male strip club. Call and get your tickets now to reserve. For our tickets reasonably priced at $35 to $85, your wonderful time starts.

What inclusions do you get? 

  • You get an entry to the posh strip club and be welcomed by our cheery and cheeky half-naked servers with a glass of champagne and a serving of finger foods. 
  • Be escorted in your reserved seating based on the tickets you booked (Silver, Gold, Platinum). 
  • Watch the fantastic dance performances by our incredibly handsome and talented guys.
  • Enjoy the after-party right after the live show.

Should you wish to know more, we are more than happy to take your call. Shout out your requests, we’ll make a way to fulfill them. Get the most value from your booking, we are standing by for your queries. Book now.

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