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Are you wanting to host the ultimate Melbourne Hens Night? Make it a night no one will ever forget? Our topless waiters will ensure you’re still thinking about them long after they’ve left.  These men are charming, sexy, toned, topless, and ready to fulfil all your needs and desires on your special night!

We Are Ready For Your Hens Night

Our men will serve your drinks, play sexy party games, take risque photos, and even help to clean up at the end, all while topless! If there’s anything else you can think of, any special requests from the bride herself, don’t worry, our hunks are ready for anything to make your dreams come true. And don’t forget that they will look gorgeous the entire time while doing it. They are more than just cheesy male strippers (even though they are good at that!), they are the ultimate man, at your beck and call.

We can meet any taste for Hen’s Parties in Melbourne imaginable. Our men can service you in clubs, bars, hotel rooms, home events or on weekends away, for unique and special Hens Nights. We can find you a man who’s lean, tall, blonde, charming and blue eyed, or maybe you prefer a tall, dark and handsome man. Whatever turns you on, we have the perfect hunk.

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t feel confident doing all the work to organise your Hens Party in Melbourne, that’s okay! Contact us and we can work with you, and your hunk of choosing, to think of sexy games and activities, or we can even take all the stress away with our Hens Night Packages.


The Helpful Hunks of Melbourne

Melbourne is known to be a vibrant, exciting, and fun place, and it sure is a perfect venue for your hens night. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it is important to create wonderful memories at the bride’s last night of freedom. 

We at Helpful Hunks are here to assist your need of partying without the fuss. Let us take care of your hens party, or any other parties, and be assured that we will give you the event dream of, with excellent service all for your satisfaction. 

You would not hold a hens night without the presence of handsome and exciting men to tickle your fancy. Party on with our incredibly sexy and gorgeous hunks that will add fire to your night. Whether you are game hiring a stripper or a topless waiter, your hens night is a surefire hit! 


Let’s Get The Party Started 

So, how would you go about a hens night? Before choosing from our selection of party packages that will fit your style, here are some ideas for you for a great hens party: 

1. When Is The Hens Party?

The first thing you have to decide on is the date of the hens night, and you should set it at least a month before the big day. This will allow the guests some time to prepare for the event. The date should also be at the bride-to-be’s advantage because she still needs to take care of a bigger event – her wedding day! 

2. Coordinate and Cooperate

As soon as the date is set and the guests are chosen by the bride, make the necessary notice for them to reserve the date and clear out any schedules that would conflict with the party. Of course, the bride should have also provided the contact details of the bride for better communication.

The guest should be well-informed as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings. You would not want to upset the bride if her high school friend is not coming due to misinformation, would you? 

3. Plan With The Bride

In one way or another, the bride may be involved in the preparations of the hens night, but she should not know everything! It is supposed to be a surprise for her, so leave out most details from her. She should trust you as the maid-of-honor to come up with the best party for her, after all, you are besties, you know what she likes or hates the most. Plan with the bride, but don’t spoil the fun. 

4. Know Your Guests

You have in your guest list different types of people with different personalities. It is the bride’s preference, so there is nothing you can do but to invite these people, whether you know them or not. The best thing you can do is to be acquainted with them, so you can build up good vibes just in time for the hens party. Who knows, you’ll meet them again in the future! 

5. Take Time To Smell The Flowers

Your itinerary should leave some time for relaxation and time-outs. Remember that despite the energy and excitement the day brings, your guests need to refresh and just laze around. Put that as part of your schedule, please. That way everyone will be recharged and be ready for the next set of activities that spell thrill and fun! 

6. Mind The Budget

Consider the expenses to be incurred for the hens party. If you have agreed that all guests should chip in for the expenses for the party, then everyone should be informed on where the money goes and how much is left of it. Going out of town or having a weekend getaway is fine as long as the guests are well-informed of the costs, and they have the money to spend. 

Since you have decided on building up the party fund, you have to set a deadline for the contributions to come in. Remind your attendees of their obligations. After the last of the money is collected, set out to finalize the activities. 

Set aside some cash for contingencies or unexpected expenses. While you have everything sorted out, things just happen unexpectedly. Be ready for that! 

7. Be Flexible

Since your guests come from different backgrounds and with different personalities, you cannot get away with clashes. That is perfectly normal and should not spoil the mood. It is nice to have other options from the original plan to make everybody happy! 

Come up with a plan that will not isolate some guests due to age differences, preferences, etc. Get activities that you think everyone will like. If that is not possible, have alternate activities. While some may go on a nature hike, the oldies would want to be left behind and have afternoon tea. 

8. Plan the Transpo

If you plan on going out of town or somewhere far away, make sure you have organized transportation for your guests. Going together as a group reduces the hassle of leaving one or two guests behind, and will spare you the stress of finding another car to bring her over to the venue. 

9. Be Transparent

Guests like to be well-informed on where their contribution to the hens party goes. Make a detailed list of the costs and give them copies of it via email or in any other form. They will not say it directly, but trust me, they are dying to know how their money was spent on. 

10. Communicate

Guests are excited about the hens party, and they like to be informed of the latest news before the day. They will appreciate your gesture of keeping them updated with the happenings, but of course, you need to do it in moderation. You can send them an email or in your group chat if you have created one exclusively for that purpose. Just a few lines would suffice, otherwise, a bulky message in their inbox or chat group would be too much of an effort for them to read. 

11. What To Wear

Let your guests prepare by sending out information on what they need to bring for the hens night. Of course, they should have ideas of what to wear since they know what activities they will be taking part in. Swimwear, sportswear, or something appropriate for the day – remind them of what to bring. You may also make it special by asking for the same color of their outfits, or something in line with the party theme, if possible. 

12. Be Sentimental

As the bride’s best friend and party planner, it is understandable that you want the best hens night for your friend. She has been your pal since you were still in diapers or time knows when. It’s nice to remember the happy past, and you want to reminisce these moments as part of your hens night

Get everyone involved by asking them to bring something that reminds them of their friendship with the bride. It may be in the form of photos or things like letters, teddy bears, flowers, hair clips, whatever. You’ll have a grand time explaining the story of your friendship, with tears of joy on the side.


The Bride’s Role in Her Hens Party

The hens party is a surprise event for the bride, but it would be impossible to pull off a memorable event without her inputs and ideas. Although she should not in any way be hands-on in the preparation, she plays an important role in the planning of her event. 

Here are the important details of a hens party that need to be in sync with the bride-to-be’s preferences. You may not exactly stick to her ideas, but make sure that she will like what you decide to do. 

The Date and Time of The Hens Party.

Where and when the event will take place should be consulted with the bride-to-be. Planning of the hens night should not get in the way of the wedding plans. Or else, everyone would be mixed up and super-stressed. 

In Sync With The Group.

The more important factor in planning a hens party is the cooperation within the group. Keep in mind that the bride’s choice is the most important, and all your plans will go around her selections. 

Hens Night Activities.

Tons of options are available, and choosing will not be an easy job. Know who will help you select what’s best for your group? Trust the bride-to-be’s ideas of nice hens night activities. Whether she wants to celebrate out of the city or even the country, or if she just wants to go local, the choice is up to her.

The Guest List.

The choice as to who will attend the hens night rests on the bride-to-be’s shoulder. Whether she invites her mother or aunt, her in-laws, or her boss, it’s her decision. Plan how to send the invitations to these people.

The Final Specifics.

Although it is meant to be a surprise party for the bride, she should know some basic details beforehand. If not, she might end up being a laughingstock if she is too ignorant about the specifics. You know what should be revealed or not. Surprise her but don’t make her be caught unaware. Enjoy!

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